Which garden landscaping?

Evaluate your site and garden design · 2. Decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a landscaper · 3.

Which garden landscaping?

Evaluate your site and garden design · 2. Decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a landscaper · 3. If you have a small garden space, you can level the ground yourself with a sturdy garden rake from Amazon (opens in a new tab) or at a local hardware store. Use the teeth to break up large chunks of dirt, while the back can also be used to smooth the surface by running it back and forth to evenly distribute the soil.

We offer a custom garden design service tailored to each client's specifications in the Ashburn, VA area and surrounding landscape. Our projects are often highlighted by the colorful flowers and plants we install, which offer color throughout the year and enhance functionality by providing greater direction and privacy. Careful landscape design is the key to creating an outdoor oasis, whether you have a small patio in an urban area or an extensive farm in the countryside. To help you transform your own patios, patios, gardens and more, we gathered inspirational landscaping ideas and examples that truly make the most of your natural environment.

So without further ado, allow these outdoor beauties to pave the way for better landscape design for every size, style and region. And if you're looking for a simple guide to help you create a landscape design from scratch, keep reading to the end to see our breakdown of everything to consider. Nothing channels the friendly field like a lavender field that leads to a study of stone flower arrangements. Wendy Owen wanted her Sonoma, California property to feel like a quiet, rustic French town.

She channeled that atmosphere with charming stone pavilions, separate garden sheds, and outdoor kitchen areas. While the pool and canopy of trees that surround it lead us to this Nickey Kehoe backyard, it's the vines that really make it stand out. A stylish pool, manicured lawn, and native palm trees make this Hawaiian home a modern oasis. Catherine Kwong was left with a minimalist landscaping design to flow with the interiors and accentuate the incredible views.

A bean-shaped pool reflects organic shapes throughout this outdoor space, from the rounded structure to the loosely hanging hammock. A canopy of trees wraps around the backyard to make it feel like a completely serene retreat. A stucco garden wall lined with climbing roses opens to the pool of a Virginia home. In a Florida house designed by Marshall Watson, a ficus wall hides the pool.

Floral designer Wendy Goidell wanted a natural pool for her solar geothermal home in Wassaic, New York. Chris Rawlings of Water House carved it out of a rugged mountain ledge and worked with Goidell and landscape designer Anna Hadjuk to surround it with native plants. From the balcony of their room, owners of a Spanish colonial revival look out over their 1934 pool and impressive boxwood flower beds attributed to the late Richmond garden designer Charles Gillette. The best garden designs start with structural plants full of beautiful flowering plants.

So use evergreen shrubs at the end of each edge and as a score along the way. Include small shrubs such as box balls or large evergreens, for example, mahonia, for larger areas. The terrace can also have split levels and include steps, making it the ideal space for dining furniture, and due to its use, a covered garden area usually needs to withstand heavy human traffic. Think about how you can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary with cozy garden decor and tactile furniture.

This is a crucial area that you should have covered to a large extent when creating your garden design to understand the space you are working with. The real version was designed by the revered Isabel and Julian Bannerman, known for their dreamlike English gardens full of classic allusions. A raised patio and lower level garden make this a multi-purpose oasis, not to mention that the different levels also create great visual interest. The complete RHS Gardener's Manual will help you choose the plants that will thrive in your space, design a border for color all year round, learn different pruning techniques, discover how to protect your garden from pests and make the best compost.

His love for interior design grew out of a childhood that he spent dreaming of strange and wonderful ways to renovate his grandmother's house in France (it was a greenhouse roof) and spent time around very attractive houseplants and in a hard-working orchard, which gave him a green thumb. He is currently renting in North London with his French cat and two others, and hopes to one day renovate the most sustainable dream home, somewhere wonderfully sunny with a wild and luxurious garden and chickens, of course. When choosing flowering plants, try to make some of them “out of season” so that they have a little color all year round, or place spring and early summer bulbs to get the garden off to a good start. Joyce and Ben Russell have devised 30 orchard projects, designed to extend the season, protect crops from pests or improve yields.

Jameson continues: “An effective way to fix your garden landscape is to add colors to the fence walls to improve the overall look without having to buy new outdoor decorations. For example, Adolfo Harrison created a hidden playground in this garden in East London, weaving play elements throughout the design so that both children and adults can enjoy the space. Living walls are becoming more popular in garden designs, providing a great way to embrace vertical planting and create maximum drama in your outdoor space. .


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