How often garden maintenance?

Usually, homeowners prefer to have a gardener come once a week, several times a month, or once a month. This may include services such as tidying up the garden or trimming and tidying up hedges.

How often garden maintenance?

Usually, homeowners prefer to have a gardener come once a week, several times a month, or once a month. This may include services such as tidying up the garden or trimming and tidying up hedges. Some people hire these tasks once a year. In general, once a week should be enough.

Planting seeds or trees may require a gardener to come twice a week. Many garden owners have relaxed arrangements with their gardeners and are happy to be flexible about the days ahead, especially if the weather is bad. But when you start with a new gardener, either on a regular basis or as a one-off job, it's wise to establish exactly what you expect them to do. If you need them regularly, agree with them how often they will come.

Depending on the size of the garden, you may need them once a week, biweekly, or even once a month during the growing season. It is also important to agree with them how and when they will be paid. You must also agree on payments for goods they can buy for the garden, such as plants, seeds, feed. Some gardeners ask to be paid for their work in cash, others accept checks or electronic payments, and it's common to pay at the end of a week or monthly.

Although most gardeners expect and like to work on their own, it can be helpful for both homeowner and gardener to meet at least once a day (often over a cup of coffee) to talk about the jobs in question and what needs to be done. With an experienced gardener, a homeowner can learn a lot by working together with him. For basic lawn care services, we like to come every other week. This is a full cleaning that takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the property.

Properties in developments of less than half an acre usually take between one and two hours and must be completed weekly or biweekly, depending on the amount of landscape on the property. This biweekly service includes mowing lawns, blowing leaves, eating weeds, trimming and cleaning debris. This keeps your garden fresh, clean and well trimmed. However, this is really for late autumn and winter, say between November and March.

In this special edition, discover colorful flower combinations and seasonal planting schemes for pots designed by leading growers, and the knowledge essential to successful pot gardening. Leaving plant debris in the garden during the winter is one of the most common causes of insect problems and diseases. Also, if you expect them to use a chainsaw or pesticides, or to take away their green waste (many gardeners prefer not to), you should definitely check if they have the corresponding certificates and licenses. As we have mentioned above, the cost of garden maintenance per hour depends largely on the size of the area, as this is the main factor in how long it will take the gardener to perform the service.

Shrub pruning is an important task that will help keep your garden tidy and improve the overall health of your plant. A garden professional can tackle many different tasks in your garden, including lawn care, landscape designs and installations, and monitoring the health of your plants. During the cold seasons, gardening tasks will decrease slightly, yes, your garden will still need a little attention, but not as much as in summer. If you're someone who doesn't mind watering every day, but hates getting into the soil to weed, you might not need your gardener as often.

Booking garden services can be more expensive than hiring plumbers or electricians because a well-maintained garden requires more care and attention than a faucet or circuit. However, it is possible to save money if you provide the necessary tools yourself, such as large shovels and garden trolleys,. If you don't know anyone who lives near you who employs one, look for ads on bulletin boards at local stores or garden centers or on the free sheets. Gardeners are typically uniquely qualified to work in the USDA plant hardiness zone, where they live, and can offer valuable information on things like pruning, maintenance, and even ways to design your outdoor space.

In addition, gardener availability and demand can change throughout the seasons, which can lead to fluctuations in gardening prices. If you haven't maintained your garden in a long time and it's overgrown, then the charges for gardening will be a little higher than if the area was well maintained. . .

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