What is the most popular gardening tool?

A simple hand trowel is the best gardening tool for almost any situation. It is useful for planting bulbs and small perennials, as well as for digging up weeds.

What is the most popular gardening tool?

A simple hand trowel is the best gardening tool for almost any situation. It is useful for planting bulbs and small perennials, as well as for digging up weeds. The only tool that gardeners replace more often than gloves is the invaluable trowel. They bend, break, the end of the shovel separates from the wooden handle, it is the rare paddle that makes a few seasons go by.

The Corona eGrip palette may be the last tool of its kind you need to buy. The cast aluminum scoop is molded into the handle as one piece, so it won't bend or break. The handle itself is covered with a padded rubber for better grip and comfort, and its lightweight arch is designed to improve your joints, a real blessing during autumn bulb planting. Looking for the best garden tools? Master the art of garden maintenance with our pick of the best tools for trimming, cutting edges and digging.

The best gardening tools will eliminate back and wrist pain when digging, weeding, trimming and pruning, and will also be attractive and pleasant to hold. These Felco pruning shears are the best in the group thanks to their innovative rotating handle, which is said to reduce pruning effort by a third and lower the risk of tendonitis. To prune plants backwards to encourage growth and keep shrubs clean, our best option is the Felco Model 12 pruning shears, while anyone who wants to keep their lawn clean when autumn arrives will appreciate the help of the Bulldog Springbok Lawn Rake. If you don't want to make a big investment, we say it's a good starting point.

If you're looking for trimmers, edgers or something a little more specialized, read more in our previous selections. Wilcox stainless steel garden trowel earns user praise for being nearly indestructible, even after years of light potting, planting and digging. Also known as a bow rake, a garden rake is invaluable for spreading mulch evenly, breaking up compost, leveling the soil, and otherwise putting the garden into a boat shape. While in most cases, the functional aspect of garden tools will be made of metal, you may want to think about the material used to produce the handle.

Sears recommended keeping garden tools in a weatherproof beverage cooler; you can put it next to your outdoor garden, in your garage, or on your patio or deck. You may be planning some simple tasks, such as adding a couple of plants to your garden or planting flowers that attract butterflies. But if you're digging a lot or working in a particularly humid area, DeVito suggested investing in gardening boots like these from Bogs. You may not think there is much in a pair of pruning shears, but buying a cheap pair from the cash register at the garden center can prove to be a surprisingly costly mistake when you discover that they are uncomfortable or impossible to use.

Some said that the head had to be firmly in place on the shaft before first use, but I loved that the head remained tight to the handle after extensive work, which is good news when it comes to garden safety. She is the author of London Writing of the 1930 and has a passion for contemporary home decor and gardening. To complement its bypass pruners, Truini uses these small garden shears that have very thin, super sharp blades designed specifically for cutting flower stalks, trimming flower buds, removing dead leaves (removing dead flowers), harvesting herbs and pruning indoor plants. The glove's water-resistant nylon helps keep your hands dry during messy gardening tasks, while the double-layer nitrile palms give you added durability and grip.

In May, Fine Gardening committed to planning and planting a garden for Karen, an emergency department nurse. Whether gardening is your passion or you just want to increase outdoor appeal, whether you have raised backyard beds full of tomatoes and kale, spend your weekends working in the English garden of your dreams, or just want to keep shrubs under control and lawn level, if you're going to be working in your lawn or garden, you need the right tools. The telescopic handle can also be adjusted from 37 to 68 inches in length to suit gardeners of varying heights. Gardeners love the creatures that inhabit their backyard worlds almost as much as they love their plants.

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